Year                          First NameLast NameHigh School College/University HeadshotTestimonialCareer
1985Lee Johnson, JrWest Chester ChristianWest Chester University of Pennsylvania hereLee S. Johnson Associates Inc
1986MelissaJenkinsWest Chester Christian***
1987CharlesWhite, JrWest Chester Christian***
1988JenineFaithWest Chester ChristianBob Jones University*Every Reason to Celebrate - Event Planner
1989JenniferBerardiWest Chester Christian***
1990MaxineOsbornWest Chester Christian***
1991DavidCoover, JrWest Chester ChristianPensacola Christian College**
1992RuthannSmithWest Chester ChristianPensacola Christian College**
1992EdwardWendorfWest Chester ChristianBob Jones University**
1993Christopher JenkinsWest Chester ChristianPensacola Christian College**
1994KaraAnnMarinelliWest Chester Christian***
1994MatthiasMurphyWest Chester ChristianLancaster Bible Collegeherehere*
1995RebeccaAlbright West Chester ChristianGrove City Collegehere*Dream Builders Travel - Owner/Travel Agent
1996MicahMurphyWest Chester ChristianLancaster Bible CollegeHerehere*
1997Brian LungerWest Chester Christian***
1998SteveRodererWest Chester ChristianBob Jones University**
1999LeonYatesWest Chester ChristianWest Chester University of Pennsylvania *Precision Research, Inc. - Medical Writer
2000DavidBarfieldWest Chester ChristianUniversity of South Floridahere*Northern Ridge University - Music Director
2001MikeSheldon West Chester ChristianDrexel University*Frontline Technologies - Software Architect
2002ShannonPetersWest Chester ChristianBob Jones University here*West Chester United Methodist Children's Center - Assistant Teacher
2003Jeanne CeliaWest Chester ChristianImmaculata University here**
2004AmandaFisherWest Chester ChristianBob Jones University & Harkum Junior College**
2005NikiRailingWest Chester ChristianBob Jones University **
2005KevinSturgisWest Chester ChristianDelaware County Community Collegehere*John K. Sturgis Builders - Carpenter
2006TimBoston West Chester ChristianNorthland International University here**
2006BenHicksWest Chester ChristianBob Jones University here*Bob Jones University - Resident Mentor
2007NathanPerrieWest Chester ChristianClearwater Christian Collegehere*Tech Tripp, LLC - Systems Administrator
2008HeatherOllisWest Chester ChristianNorthland International University here*West Chester Christian School - Teacher
2009StephenFisherWest Chester ChristianBob Jones University here*Steel River Playhouse - Music Director
2010BrittanySadikWest Chester ChristianClearwater Christian Collegehere*Frontline Technologies - Business Data Analyst
2011OliviaGrothaus-BlackstoneWest Chester ChristianMaranatha Baptist Bible Collegehere*Bethlehem Area School District- Teacher
2012Heather SadikWest Chester ChristianBob Jones University herehereMain Line Health - Registered Nurse
2012CaitlynStratmanHenderson High SchoolDuquesne University herehereMusic Education Teacher (K-6)
2013MaggieEbertsHenderson High SchoolSwarthmore CollegeherehereStudent
2014Noah SneddonHenderson High SchoolMessiah CollegeherehereStudent
2015SamanthaShupeHenderson High SchoolWest Chester University of Pennsylvania herehereStudent
2016AbigailKosicHenderson High SchoolWingate UniversityherehereStudent
2017ChristopherSanchezHenderson High SchoolBloomsburg University of PennsylvaniaherehereStudent
2018BrennaEadieHenderson High SchoolDrexel UniversityHerehereStudent
2019KiraMulhernHenderson High SchoolUniversity of PittsburghHereHereStudent
2020MayaByrneHenderson High SchoolLafayette CollegeHereHereStudent

The Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation

"One Life Makes a Difference..."

The Stephen Chandler Ericson Scholarship Fund was founded in 1984 in memory of my beloved brother Stephen who entered Heaven on September 19, 1984 at 6:03pm.