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We believe that we are all in this journey together, which means helping those in need – near and far – in any way we can. The opportunities range from those in our own backyard, to the national level, or the world wide stage. It is easy, just identify what you are passionate about and consider your many talents. Then put those two together and do something MAGICAL! Your time is the most precious gift you can give and there are so many ways to help people and causes from financial contributions to donating your services.

When we work with a client we always encourage them to include their charitable work in their marketing communication. You may be asking yourself – WHY? When you begin to see the total picture of a company, which includes not only what they do for a living but what they give back to their community, it provides insight into character and integrity.

We wanted to share a little about the organizations we are involved with and invite you to visit their website. Even better – identify your passion, your gifts and start giving back in your own special way TODAY!


The Greater West Chester Sunrise Rotary Club

Rotary is all about giving back and helping those in our community at the local, national and global levels. We invite you to join us for FOOD, FRIENDSHIP and BREAKFAST! We meet every Wednesday from 7am – 8am at the Days Inn (off the Route #202 By-Pass). Our club is small and intimate with an average of 38 Rotarians. The membership ranges from those just beginning their career to retirees. I have been a Rotarian since 2005 and it is one of the best decisions I ever made! We hope you will join us – please visit our website by clicking here. Please click here for a photo journey.

Rotary will BLESS your life!


Chester County OIC

Chester County OIC is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing FREE adult basic literacy education and life skills programs that prepare individuals for employment leading to economic self-sufficiency. Joyce Chester is the President and CEO and we encourage you to reach out to her and learn all about this amazing team! Please click here for a photo journey.

I learned about OIC from my Rotary Club and wanted to make a contribution. In the summer of 2012, ESMS developed an educational program which consists of 12 different subjects ranging from “How to Create a Powerful Resume” to “How to present yourself when you have a Criminal Record?” The series is a part of the Rotary Academy within The Greater West Chester Sunrise Rotary Club. Please join us each month: the second Wednesday from 10am–11:30am.

To sign up, please call OIC at (610) 692-2344 for the classroom series.

My best days are receiving a call from one of my OIC students letting me know they are now gainfully employed and on the right path! The joy and satisfaction I get from the work we do with our OIC students is so rewarding…best hugs ever! A Chester County Blessing!

Chester County OIC
22 N. 5th Ave
Coatesville, PA 19320 (610) 692-2344

Please visit

Career Corps

CAREER-CORPS is the place where in-school and out-of-school youth and young adults in Chester County, age 16-24, can attend classes for academic remediation, workforce development, GED preparation, vocational training and post-secondary education preparation.

Beginning in September 2016, we now provide our classroom series for the students at Career Corps.  We look forward to forging new relationships.  Please call your friends at Career Corps to sign up for our FREE classroom series, at (610) 280-1060.

Career Corps
Oaklands Corporate Center
479 Thomas Jones Way, Suite 350
Exton, PA 19341
(610) 280-1060
Please visit


Quest Therapeutics

Quest is a leading provider of pediatric therapy services for children with developmental, psychological, & physical disabilities. We offer Equine-Assisted Therapy, as well as Occupational, Physical, Speech Communication and Early Intervention.

I learned about Quest when they presented to our Rotary club several years ago. I thought what could be better than children, horses and volunteering?! I started donating my time as a lead and side walker of the horses. I fell in love with the children, the people and all the animals – what an amazing opportunity. I also volunteered my time to help develop their marketing strategy and became an advisor on the board. The year I spent volunteering was wonderful – I came home smelling like a horse with a smile on my face and a new perspective in my heart. When you see a child trying to master basic motor skills you immediately realize you don’t have any problems compared with their day. I learned so much from those children, horses and the Quest Team! Please visit Click here to view a photo gallery of an event. A Chester County Blessing!  


“Badges and Bagels” Support Law Enforcement!

Giving back is a theme we often hear about, yet carries a whole new meaning when those thoughts turn into actions. Our ESMS team started taking bagels to the Westtown East Goshen Regional Police station in December 2014 and we continue to do this monthly as a way of showing the officers that they are appreciated and to brighten their day! The program name, “Badges and Bagels”, was developed by ESMS intern Liz Ricci. Please visit our local police team at

We wanted to share this concept as a way of encouraging others to adopt their own version of “Badges and Bagels”. Create your own special way of thanking your local law enforcement team today! Please visit the “Interns Desk” by clicking here.

The West Chester University Foundation

Women In Leadership and Service (WILS)

The 2016 WILS board members are: Jeanne McClellan /Chair, Jessica Landis, Linda Antonowich, Constance Bompadre, Linda Casotti, Carol Hann, Carol Napierkowski, Melissa Christie, Mimi Colapreti, Lauren Simmons, Bronwyn Martin and Cynthia Ericson.

Women in Leadership and Service has awarded several thousand dollars in student scholarships, providing programming that connects WCU women students with women professionals and hosting networking opportunities for female WCU students.  WILS is committed to providing scholarship and programming that will empower our female students.  Coupled together, scholarship and programming will ensure WCU students have access to the tools they need to excel beyond our campus borders.

West Chester University Foundation WILS

The ESMS Challenge

The 2015 ESMS Challenge:

The interns were given $250.00 and told to select a nonprofit, find donors to double the funds and purchase what the organization needed. Each intern had to also volunteer 10 hours within a month to the non-profit. The 2015 ESMS Challenge Team selected the Chester County SPCA. Michael Halebian & Co., Inc. donated a matching grant to raise the grand total to $500.00! ESMS interns Elizabeth Ricci and Ashley Mattes purchased $500.00 of supplies from the CC SPCA Wish List and had them delivered to the shelter. Ashley and Liz completed their 10 hours of volunteering and ended up falling in love with the CCSPCA! Today Liz and Ashley are volunteers at the shelter because they have a heart for the cold noses.

Please visit the “Interns Desk” by clicking here.

ESMS was very excited to approve the proposal of the CCSPCA as the Ericson family is on their 4th and 5th cat adoption over the last 25 years. There is nothing better than furry hugs and cold nose kisses. Visit and fall in love today.