The Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation has the privilege of speaking at many events within the Chester County community – discussing how the education scholarship began and has grown. Sharing testimonials of how lives have been transformed and how we have expanded to service a larger segment of the high school community. We hope the scholarship is the catalyst for a mind, heart and soul that focuses upon what they can do for someone else no matter how large or small the gesture.

If you would like to learn more about the scholarship please call Cynthia at 610-505-3503 or and begin the conversation!

Here are some of the organizations we have worked with from keynotes to fund raising campaigns:

  • West Chester Business Exchange Club
  • West Chester Christian School Basketball Games
  • West Chester Christian School Graduations
  • Roslyn Award Ceremonies
  • Chester County Jazz Festival
  • Dragonfly Forest Student Sponsor
  • Five Below Fundraiser
  • The Chester County Community Foundation Philanthropy and Legacy Awards

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The Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation

"One Life Makes a Difference..."

The Stephen Chandler Ericson Scholarship Fund was founded in 1984 in memory of my beloved brother Stephen who entered Heaven on September 19, 1984 at 6:03pm.