Internship FAQ’s

Ericson Strategic Marketing Solutions, LLC was created in 2008 and the internship program began in the Fall of 2010 when ESMS was awarded the WCU Cottrell Entrepreneurial Leadership Grant.  The following highlights things to consider before becoming a member of the ESMS Family.


ESMS Hours of Operation?  

Typically, Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9am–2pm.  There are some exceptions to hours based upon your class schedule.  ESMS hours may vary based upon client work load and events, illness and vacation schedule.  It may not always be a 15 hour work week.



We are minutes from the WCU football stadium; however, it is too dangerous to walk to and from ESMS.  Your own transportation is a must.


1099 Tax Form?

For paid positions we ask for your social security number – we then complete the 1099 Tax Form and mail to you December/January.


Contact Information in case of Emergency?

We will need Parents & WCU Roommates: Name, Address, Email and Cell.


Date of Birth?

We ask your Date of Birth because “WE CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS!”


Class Schedule?

It is important that you work out, in advance, your class schedule before accepting the position.


Communication with your Parents!

Before accepting any position and as you consider opportunities please always keep your parents/guardian informed of your plans.  It is important they know where you are and that you are safe at all times.  Please share our website and social media links with your parents so they get to know ESMS.  We always welcome talking with parents!


Are you doing this for Credit Hours or Building your Resume?

ESMS is delighted if the intern wishes to do the internship for building the experience/resume and/ or doing the internship for credit hours; however, it is critical that you work all this out prior to accepting an offer from ESMS.  For credit hours you must get approval from your advisor and remember that you will have to pay WCU for the credit hours just as if you were sitting in a classroom.  We are experts in completing paperwork when doing the internship for credit hours.


ESMS Training Period

All interns are required to participate in the training program “prior” to their actual start date.  Typically this consists of several days the month prior to your start date.  Schedules are all customized to the student availability.  The training period is unpaid.


Vacation & Time Off

Discuss any pre-arranged trips at interview stage.  ESMS can be closed at various times for vacation, client projects/events or illness.



Because of the limited time – bring your lunch and snacks to eat in the office please.


Presence of Cats at ESMS.

Our cats live inside our home so please consider if you have allergies.


ESMS is a Home Based Business.


Evaluating other Internship opportunities as you consider ESMS?

If you are applying and considering other opportunities and are trying to wait for the absolute best offer – please do not accept an offer from ESMS.  Just as you assume when you accept our offer your position will be waiting for you, we too expect you to join us as agreed upon. 


All the above mentioned areas probably seem like common sense but not everyone follows these standards.  We had students accept the position (paid & non-paid) and in an email sent Friday before the Monday they were to begin, indicate that they would not be joining us.  When we begin a semester with an open spot we are in a difficult position because:

  • We are now between semesters and students have already made their decisions for jobs and internships and are now unavailable.
  • We have already passed on several qualified students in selecting you for the open position and they have accepted another internship.



We wish you continued success – begin the conversation with Cynthia today!